Business Overview

Established in 2001, Luscious Fresh Co., Ltd. is the largest exporter of snow pea and sugar snap in China. With eight growing areas spread across China, we can procure product from several diverse climates and the whole year round. Luscious Fresh also acquired Global Gap and ETI certification.
In addition to snow pea and sugar snap, Luscious Fresh also exports fresh garlic, peeled garlic, garlic shoot, onion flower, honey pomelo, citrus fruit, apple and pear to many international markets.
Aside from the export market, Luscious Fresh also imports a variety of fresh produce commodities from Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Argentina, South Africa and Europe. Our portfolio of imported products includes; citrus fruits, cherry, blueberry, kiwi fruit, apple, grape, mango, nectarine and peach.
Step by step, Luscious Fresh has continued to grow serving many international markets especially Australia, Canada and Europe.
We continuously strive for global cooperation and partnership.